Our selection for baby’s first year

A fun little shoulder bag that carries the best care products for baby and all you need to help your body get back in shape. Comes with a unique accessory fashioned by one of our designers. 

89,00 €

Shipping fee included
For moms
  • Creamy balm 200ml
  • Besace en coton biologique
For Babies
  • Gentle cleaning gel 200ml
  • Lotion 200ml
  • Baby well being fluid 50ml
  • Bavoir Dragon
Unit total value product: 119€

Why we love?

Why we love it?

"Baby’s first  year is an important step for him, as well as for his parents! We need suited and comforting care products with a healthy and natural composition.

That’s why in our selection you will find an exceptionnal oil for baby’s dry areas and also for his first massages. Real quality time with your child.

A lotion with a very gentle composition  and a cleansing gel suited for sensitive skins will thrill moms who only want what’s best in their bathroom.

For you, young mother, you will find a milky balm with a great texture perfect to moisturize and get rid or that pregnancy roundness. The fun shoulder bag will be there during these wonderful moments, and the little creature bib of organic cotton will quickly find a spot in your home!

We chose these products for MyJoliBeloved for their harmlessness but also because they were totally suited for this particular period.

The natural compositions will help ensure a healthy and peaceful first year for baby!

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