Our Designers

Here’s our team of designers who embody the best of French craftsmanship; ethics, environment awareness and the urge to fashion fine products with a visual quality.

Bella Cicci

Created about 5 years ago, Bella Cicci is strictly a women’s business and a  mother’s business as well for Sophie and Anne who became friends at first sight.   

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Mr Naturaliste

Her name comes from her initials ( MR for Marjorie Renard ) and Naturaliste for the very essence of her illustrations. A touching world with delicate brushes of pen; her trademark.   

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Trëma Louise

Alexia is 32 years old. Like many moms she finds being a mother to be a powerful vector namely in terms of environmental awareness.   

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Youpi Belette

They were both attracted to the same world; children. That’s what brought them together; Emeline as a designer has always been drawn to that world. Aude on her side found the world to be open to imagination and creativity. 

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