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MyJoliBag started with a growing friendship and 2 pregnancies who both raised their share of questions.  

We, Stephanie and Guenaelle, instantly became friends; both mothers and working girls, 2 accomplished women. Becoming mothers led us both to the same obvious fact: it is challenging, not to say impossible to grasp the full reality behind natural and organic cosmetics, especially when you want to take special care of your child’s health as well as your own.   

Concerned by this reality, we decided to start the MyJoliBag journey together in order to shed a new light and present an offer never seen before to young and future moms.      

To keep searching in France as well as outside the country, and dig up those products we would have loved to have became our motto. Those products that can combine pleasure of senses, texture, scent as well as preserve harmlessness during our pregnancy and baby’s first year.    

We exchanged with moms and future moms alike. We listened to their needs, their fears and their concerns. We met and exchanged with  a great deal of professionals and experts. To analyze and control a product’s composition quickly became our main focus,  and after a lot of time and effort our research led us to some inspiring encounters that showed us that YES, organic, natural and safe can go hand in hand with pleasure. YES, it is today possible to find committed cosmetic labs who place the health of mothers and children at the center of their process with a strong ethical stance expressed throughout the entire chain of fabrication.   

It’s there, in those «gem» labs, far from industrial logic and deeply rooted in human values that we select our products. A careful selection of cosmetics and care products, divided into 4 bags perfectly suited for the specific stages of motherhood.      

Subscription free bags, illustrated with humour and finesse by Izak Zenou, a talented French New Yorker artist.  


 Izak Zenou is an artist with many talents who expresses himself through illustrations with a variety of ink, his tool of choice. Whether in advertising, publishing or the press, his delicate drawings have found a spot of their own. He is especially interested in women, and with his trademark stroke he often places them on a pedestal.

So it was with a true thrill that we chose Izak to illustrate the spirit of MyJoliBag, the core of the whole project. Through his drawings, Izak was able to transpose our values and the ones we wished to share and convey.      

A partnership we are especially proud of, thank you Izak for joining us on board!

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